100% Order Guarantee
Jiffy Tickets is proud to offer our customers a 100% money-back guarantee on the validity of any tickets purchased from us. We only obtains tickets from secure and trusted sources. All tickets sold through Jiffy Tickets are genuine tickets. This means you won't have to worry about not getting into your event after receiving your tickets from Jiffy Tickets.

Authentic Tickets
All tickets sold by Jiffy Tickets are Guaranteed to be authentic. Period. No fine print.

What if my event is cancelled?
If an event is cancelled for any reason we will provide a full refund for the amount that you paid for the tickets. Any shipping charges are not refundable. Exception for tennis event rainouts, there are no refunds on tennis event rainouts. TICKETS MUST BE RECEIVED BACK IN OUR OFFICE WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE CANCELLATION.

What if my event is postponed?
If an event is postponed, the tickets will be honored for the rescheduled event date. New tickets will not need to be issued. We are not able to offer customers refunds on postponed events. It is the customer's responsibility to check with local media to know when an event has been rescheduled.

What if my tickets are lost or stolen?
When you receive your tickets, keep them in a safe place. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage some tickets.

TicketFast Tickets:
TicketFast tickets are the newest form of tickets issued by ticketmaster. These tickets are valid and 100% legitimate tickets. Each TicketFast ticket features a unique bar code that is scanned at the gate of the venue.

How it works:
Your TicketFast tickets will be emailed to you by an Jiffy Tickets representative. Upon reception of the email, please print out the PDF attachment which is where your TicketFast tickets are located. Present your TicketFast ticket(s) at the gate where they will be scanned by the attendant and then you will be admitted. Note that some venues have a special TicketFast gate. Be sure to bring the entire 8.5" by 11" sheet with you to the event, do not cut off any portion of the ticket. Both barcodes are needed to be scanned at the entrance for admission to the event. Do not copy your tickets. The scanners will only allow one entry per unique bar coded ticket. Any additional scans of the same barcode will be denied admittance.

TicketFast Common FAQ's.

Another name appears on my ticket. Did I get the wrong tickets?
These are your tickets. The name that appears may have been the original purchaser. Tickets are transferable so these are now your seats.

The price on the ticket is not the price I paid. Is that right?
We are a private ticket broker and have to pay a higher price to procure tickets. The price you paid includes our fees / service charges which represents the high cost in obtaining hard to get tickets.

What happens if I lose my ticket(s)?
We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Keep your tickets in a safe place and do not lose them.

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